Taps to Riches Mod APK 2021 for Android – new version

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Caps to riches

  • Rating: 5
  • Number of Voters: 100500
  • Update date: 01/01/2020
  • Size: 100 mb
  • Number of installations: 5000+
  • Current Version: 1.0.1
  • Required Android Version: Android 4.1
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Google play: Download

Taps to Riches is an interesting and exciting “tap game simulator” in which players and their wards will traditionally start small and gradually become incredibly rich. But even a huge amount on the account will not be able to stop or slow down the growth and development of their business empire. Finished with planet Earth? Finance expeditions and move to other livable objects in space. Invest, invest, buy, hire employees as deputies and assistants, open up new opportunities and unique skills, well, of course, do not forget to build yourself a small but very cozy house.
Taps to Riches – a tapper with elements of classic strategies, where we are waiting for a nice hand-drawn design, a huge number of buildings and endless gameplay.
The meaning of this game is to build a unique city that will gradually develop, turning into a huge metropolis that brings thousands of dollars every minute. As in many games of this format, there is a donation, as well as advertising, and viewing the latter allows you to earn additional currency.
Initially, you will have only one trailer that acts as a home for a small family. You need to click on the trailer as quickly as possible and earn money in order to later purchase a small house standing nearby. Gradually, you will earn a lot of money and acquire more and more prestigious buildings. Cafes, fashion boutiques, entertainment and shopping centers, as well as other things, which will allow developing the infrastructure of the future metropolis.
After some time, you will be able to open access to a new location, where all the actions are devoted to the development of the highway, the cars themselves and everything connected with them. There are a lot of such locations in the game and it can take you a lot of time to develop them, so it’s worth patience and crystals.

Caps to riches
Caps to riches
Caps to riches
Caps to riches