Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble Mod APK 2021 for Android – new version

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Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble

  • Rating: 5
  • Number of Voters: 100500
  • Update date: 01/01/2020
  • Size: 100 mb
  • Number of installations: 5000+
  • Current Version: 1.0.1
  • Required Android Version: Android 4.1
  • Genre: Action
  • Google play: Download

Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble is the second part of a fascinating series of stealth actions about an unlucky thief who decided to become a thunderstorm of everything that just lies bad. For the simplest hairpin, he will penetrate the super-protected estates, steal from the table pensioners’ small things, wrap around the fingers of police officers who do not care about him. And as always, from the first steps he plunges into serious troubles threatening health problems. Now he needs to carry out a lot of errands, find out secrets and organize the wedding of the gangster’s daughter in order to maintain the integrity of his bones.
Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble – continuation of the arcade puzzle game about a loser thief with a top view.
The main character named Bob owed a huge amount of money to one of the city mafia. But due to the fact that he does not have money, he will have to do the most dirty work, namely to get into the house and steal all the jewelry and money.
Assignments will be scattered throughout the city. Sometimes you have to climb into the house of an evil cook to steal his pants, grandma’s false jaw, and steal a delicious, freshly made cake from a worker. Naturally, this is a trifle and the simplest work that you will receive in the initial stages. There will be no security in the houses, and the alarm will not work, due to its absence. As soon as you get used to it, you will begin to receive more interesting and complex orders. You will have to fear not only huge amballas, but also a security camera, as well as trained dogs guarding the territory of the house.
Additional obstacles will be: metal doors, a floor that does not stand still, but moves, as well as other equally dangerous traps. You need to carefully look around, find useful objects and use them to solve certain problems. In general, the continuation of the game turned out to be successful, new graphics, changed controls, as well as interesting missions.

Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble
Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble
Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble
Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble