Flip Master Mod APK 2020 for Android – new version

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Flip master

  • Rating: 5
  • Number of Voters: 100500
  • Update date: 01/01/2020
  • Size: 100 mb
  • Number of installations: 5000+
  • Current Version: 1.0.1
  • Required Android Version: Android 4.1
  • Genre: Sports
  • Google play: Download

Flip Master is an excellent sports project that has gained popularity among gamers due to its nice picture and ragdoll physics of characters. Initially, gamers will control the heroes simply jumping on a trampoline and other springy surfaces. It is necessary to perform essentially simple movements and tricks. But the further, the more difficult the tasks and requirements for the players will be. Overcoming obstacles, scoring points, receiving rewards for achievements and much more will regularly lead to injuries incompatible with life. So, one should not only protect the health of the wards, but also set records. So you have to try.
Flip Master is a cool arcade game with realistic physics, where you have to perform dangerous stunts by jumping on a special trampoline.
The basic idea of ​​the game is to perform complex tricks, which will allow you to get experience points and game currency. Experience points do not affect anything, but money will be needed to open: new locations, tricks, as well as changing the character, of which there is a huge selection in the game.
At the very beginning, you will play for a young guy who put a trampoline in the yard of his house and decided to practice. The list of tricks at the initial stage is rather scarce, the only thing he can do is to group in the air, clasping his knees with his hands. You will have to practice this exercise, earn some coins and unlock new tricks. The second location is a trampoline in the gym, there are more places, and you feel more confident. By the way, the larger the trampoline, the higher you will be able to jump, and therefore perform steeper stunts.
Ordinary svaypas act as management, they allow to send heroes in a short flight and to do various things to it. The main thing to remember here is that not a successful landing will cost your character life. In addition to the above, coins can be spent on amplifiers that will help in performing more complex tricks and moving to new stages.

Flip master
Flip master
Flip master
Flip master