Dead Zombie Battle: Zombie Defense Warfare Mod APK 2021 for Android – new version

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Dead Zombie Battle: Zombie Defense Warfare

  • Rating: 5
  • Number of Voters: 100500
  • Update date: 01/01/2020
  • Size: 100 mb
  • Number of installations: 5000+
  • Current Version: 1.0.1
  • Required Android Version: Android 4.1
  • Genre: Action
  • Google play: Download

Dead Zombie Battle: Zombie Defense Warfare – shooter shooting range in which players will again be able to arrange a fight with zombies. An unknown virus turned almost the entire population of the planet into monsters. Only those who possessed rare immunity to this infection remained. The main character was a resident of the metropolis when all this happened. He survived and was able to adapt. Now he dreams of clearing the village of the walking dead and uniting those like him together. Ahead of gamers waiting for a lot of dangerous missions, the choice of various weapons, as well as the opportunity to create teams of like-minded people for the best result.
Dead Zombie Battle: Zombie Defense Warfare – a zombie shooting range in which you have to help one of the special forces, confront the bloodthirsty mutant and other monsters.
In one of the scientific laboratories, they developed a terrible virus, it turned out to be fatal to living creatures, turning the latter into terrible mutants. The virus managed to get outside the laboratory and now most of the land was infected, many people turned into zombies, animals mutated, and it became unsafe to go out.
The gameplay is divided into many levels. At each we will pursue a specific goal. For example, you need to clean up the territory, destroying the specified number of zombies, or, save the scientist, protect vehicles and much more. The character cannot move, but only stands in one place and spin around its own axis. At his disposal will be a sniper rifle, pistol, first aid kit and several grenades. An invisible joystick on the left side of the screen allows you to aim, and a set of buttons on the opposite side allows you to shoot, reload weapons, change them, use a first aid kit and grenades.
Completing missions guarantees you a cash reward in the form of bucks and gold bars. They need to be spent on additional cartridges, new guns, armor, as well as on medical kits. If you get tired of going through the storyline, then try your hand in endless mode, where zombies come every second and you will not have the right to make a mistake.

Dead Zombie Battle: Zombie Defense Warfare
Dead Zombie Battle: Zombie Defense Warfare
Dead Zombie Battle: Zombie Defense Warfare
Dead Zombie Battle: Zombie Defense Warfare