Brain Dots Mod APK 2021 for Android – new version

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Brain Dots

  • Rating: 5
  • Number of Voters: 100500
  • Update date: 01/01/2020
  • Size: 100 mb
  • Number of installations: 5000+
  • Current Version: 1.0.1
  • Required Android Version: Android 4.1
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Google play: Download

Brain Dots (Brain Points) – a puzzle in which gamers are given a very simple, but exciting and sometimes very difficult task. Namely, they need to collide two points. At the start, they are at rest in different places (at the other ends of the labyrinths and other similar structures). And then they obey the laws of physics. You should use this, as well as the fact that the player can finish building or create new objects. You have to use your creativity and imagination to get the result. And preferably the most ideal. This will open up new horizons and opportunities for this addictive game.
Brain Dots is a minimalistic puzzle game with addictive physics-based gameplay.
The main characters in the game are small balls, one painted in blue, the other in pink. The main task of the user will be the contact of these two balls on each of the levels. It is worth noting that the task is far from the simplest. You must also carefully monitor their position and prevent the balls from crossing the playing field, otherwise the level will fail.
Gestures act as control. They allow you to draw a variety of lines that can act as bridges, partitions, rings, and more. All painted objects must perform certain functions, for example, push the ball, transport it through the abyss and the like. It is necessary to take into account all the laws of physics and draw objects from a certain angle.
You need to experiment with gravity, balance and gravity. Show your imagination and try to cope with all the puzzles. I am glad that there are no restrictions in the game, you have the right to draw as many lines as you like and do this for an unlimited time.

Brain Dots
Brain Dots
Brain Dots
Brain Dots